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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Great Woman –Dr. Kathryn B. Ward

Cross posted from Bangladeshi Women

Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and many others human being was famous for their sacrifice of valuable time, image, strength of mind and money. The woman awakening of bangle was thinking first time our admirable begum Rokeya Sakhawath Hossain. Just like that a great woman-- mother of Nari Jibon Dr. B. Ward thinks that the woman of Bangladesh should efficient to go away in advance to the long way. Besides that they need to be educated alternatively. We give her cordial respect and love.

She is an American, professionally professor and researcher. She had come in Bangladesh purpose on woman research. She came in Bangladesh and observed the weakness of Bengali women. She built up woman welfare basis organization`Nari Jibon project’ in 2005 with some kind hearted people of Bangladesh.

Welfare basis this organization cooperates to increase the skill and constructive work, such as-- computer, graphics design, photography, hardware, Bengali, tailoring and English Spoken etc. Such kinds of activities help a woman and never break off her progress to go front. So that they don’t need to depend on others. She could live as highly regarded person in society with lofty head and honour.

Nari Jibon helps the female to over come from defenseless and lead to move and stroll with proficiency. By dint of Nari Jibon, today I can browse Internet in spite of as a simple housewife. When I think that, I am a student of Nari Jibon and I feel proud. Here every teachers and students are female. So no gathering happens of male and female. This type of Nari Jibon office environment is very comfortable for women. I have no idea about the same type of organization is there in any other places.

As a good wisher, I strongly oppeal and demand from my core heart –should more expended the branches of Nari Jibon in other places, especially women who lives in villages. They could do better if they would get opportunity. Welfare related organization slighthy think for those type of woman as a result in spite of merit they are confined in a narrow area.

In the end, again I wish good luck to Madam and May Nari Jibon lives long, and it extends in all districts even villages in the whole country. Through her core helping every women of Bangladesh can be expert, active and self-confident. Dr. Kathryn B. Ward may live by the heart of skillful and successful women.

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