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Monday, July 7, 2008

Poem on 21st February

The morning of 21st February

Sufiya Khatun

Her poem has been translated from Bangla--Amader Kotha blog--by Kazi Rafiqul Islam.

Sufiya is one of our award winning poets-essay writers-bloggers in Bangla and Rising Voices, International Women's Day Poetry Jam for her poem, "Priority" originally in Bangla, in Amader Kotha (Our Stories), first poem in this link or in this blog.

You can read more of Sufiya's blogging in Bangla on her Bangla blog, Moner Janala (Window of Mind)

Do not cry, o mother

Thousands of your sons are coming

Wake up to receive them.

This morning everyone is weaving

Garlands with flowers of their heart

Let the scene pacify, o mother

The pains for the lost son.

Prepare the bouquet of flowers

The morning star has risen

Souls of our brothers have come from the heaven

We have to receive them.

The red ‘Palash’ has bloomed

Also ‘Shimul’ on the branches.

Look o mother, my brothers

Are calling me.

Rafiq with a bouquet of flowers

Shafiq with a smile on the face

Salam and Jabbar in a happy mood

Are coming together.

Barkat is at the front

“O mother” he utters.

All of them have come to you, mother

Then what makes you cry?