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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memorable Day

By Ayesha Sanjida Synthia

In the last winter of 2007 I went to National Zoo with my family. The zoo is situated in Mirpur. We started our journey at 6 o’clock. We reached at the zoo at 7 o’clock. It was a great pleasure to visit the zoo. At first we took tickets. There was a huge rush in front of the zoo. When we got into the zoo I saw, it was staying very hard security in every where. When we entered in the zoo, our joys know no bounds.

At first we went to the den of the monkeys. The monkeys were coming close to us and we were giving them chips, nuts and banana. The monkeys were enjoying the foods. Then we visited to the den of the tigers and the lions. In the mean time we got tried and sit down to take some snacks. After that we saw the giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile, tortoise, different kinds of snake and python. The zebra looks nice. As it was winter, the zoo lake was full of different birds. I saw the peacock, crane, kingfisher, vulture, cuckoo, parrot, mynah, nightingale, owl, eagle, kite, woodpecker, goose, duck, cockatoo and our national robin. The jiraf looks awesome.

In the zoo we also visit to a museum. It was animal’s museum. From the museum I knew about many animals. At last we arrived at the den of the elephants. We also rode on elephant for a short time. It was very enjoyable.

When we finished moving around the zoo, it was about 1 o’clock. We came out from the zoo. We were very tired and thirsty. It was the memorable day in my life.


Anonymous said...

Monkeys are my favorite animals :)

Your nice story reminds me of my not-so-nice experience at the zoo.

When I was about seven years old, my parents took me to the zoo. When we visited the reptile pavillion, I got up very close to a glass case with an enormous snake inside it. My mom, thinking it would be funny to play a joke on me, snuck up behind me and pinched me in the butt. I was so focused on the snake I didn't even realize it was her who pinched me. I can't tell you how high I jumped - I thought a snake had gotten loose and bit me. Now, I have a fear of snakes.

I was taken out of the zoo sobbing, and my mom - to this day - feels horrible about the joke gone wrong.

I like your version of the zoo much better. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment and share with us your exprience.