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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Anecdote of my friend, Mitu

By Sherin Sultana

Mitu was very favorite and close friend of mine. She was so different among our friends. There are some people who can attract others very easily. Mitu was like them, full of joy and lovely. She always made fun and we became impressed on her. Beside academic knowledge she had many extra qualities. In Orientation program, Pahela Baishakh, Pahela Falgun or any other cultural occasion she was ready to participate without feeling any hesitation.

Though she was so enjoyable but she was very alone in her own world. She was from a broken family. Some days she stayed with her mother and some days with her father. I noticed that she had no eagerness to back home, when we had to reach before the fixed time. She always wanted to remain busy on other purposes and returned home when she wished. Financially Mitu was solvent; she got everything what ever she wanted either from her mother or from her father. The thing was that, she never faced any type of guidance from her family and so she was practiced a little uncontrolled life.

The life was going on like this way but when the most favorite person of her life refused her, she can’t control her. To forget her sorrows, she selected another type of life. Everyday she made new relations with new persons. She was always busy to talk to them whole day and night on phone. Now her life is going on like this way. When she needed supports and guidance from her family, at that time for the lack of proper guidance she is advancing an uncertain life.

Mitu’s younger sister Nitu was very polite and soft minded. It seemed to me that, in this family Nitu was only person upon whom the family could depend and yet it was going on with her supports. But at present she is also acquiring the nature of Mitu. She changes her boy friends one after another. Her demand is only money. Now her relation with her family locates only for money.

I saw how a person can be changed for the lacking of love, affection and proper guidance. But when I saw to be change the nearest parson in front of my sight then I couldn’t keep silent. I feel very sad.

We always learned to hate the wicked persons but never tried to know the cause of their wickedness. We should show the right way to them. Otherwise the next generation won’t be able to safe.

I know if I try I won’t be able to become like Mitu or I won’t be able to join her broken family. I only can be a calm witness of this reality.

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