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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Various Uses of Flowers

By Salma Siddika Mumu

I think a flower is a symbol of beauty. Its sweet and fresh smell attracts to all and keeps our mind fresh. There is hardly any person can be found who does not love flowers.

We all like flowers. Though most of the people of our country are very poor, they cannot buy flowers. Only a particular level of people can buy flowers.

At past we preferred books, showpieces, dresses, ornaments as gift items. Now a day people’s mentalities are changing day by day in our country. Beside those gift items, people give flowers on any occasions. People like to give bouquet to their favorite person. People also go to meet any patient with bouquet and wish them to get well soon.

Now many people are doing business on flowers. Today solvent people are buying flowers. People like to decorate their houses by flowers on any occasions. At present exhibitions and fairs on flowers are also becoming popular day-by-day. Man wants to change their condition by working. The business of flower helps them to solve unemployment problem and it contributes much in the economy of the country.

Flowers are using as gift items and to decorate places on various occasions, program, seminars etc. This will help to encourage the flower cultivators to cultivate flowers more and more. Therefore, a new business may emerge in our country.


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