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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Justice for Nadine-delayed - fugitive sajid absconds again

From Kathryn Ward--re those searching for recent information about Justice for Nadine:

In regard to (lack of) Justice for Nadine:

Her alleged abuser and rapist, fugitive Sajid Huq, missed a second court date on 3 December in New York City. An erstwhile Columbia University graduate student, he has been absconding since missing his first court date (1 Nov--warrant issued). Meanwhile, he (and his friends) have been posting his rationalizations for his abuse-rape on various blogs via a variety of names. See for example, in mid November, the excellent post on the case by Abdul Kargo and the ensuing comments--some by Sajid et al in T'ings 'n Things "What is a woman's worth measured against?". See my own recent post on the case and coverage in Bideshi Blue and other posts-links in the last month.

You can read more about this case on the Justice for Nadine facebook page, 9,411 and counting members from around the world, including pictures of Nadine post assault and also picture of Sajid. Pls inform the police and/or call 911 if you see him in USA. Elsewhere, inform the authorities.

Beyond this case, please reach out: listen and learn more and join community discussions and programs on domestic violence and violence against women VAW ...where ever you are. If you need to find out more about domestic violence programs in Bangladesh, USA, or New York City, New Jersey, or Washington, D.C. or Maryland and/ or programs such as Sakhi, Manavi,or Asha, follow this link. Another good site is Adhunika's blog.

My thoughts are with Nadine and her family-friends during this difficult time.

Some parts cross-posted Bideshi Blue who is posting every day on the 16 Days to Eliminate Violence Against Women (25 Nov-10 Dec) and also Take Back the Tech campaign against VAW on ICTs and internet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I need to see Sajid Huq's photo asap. I am unable to find the Justice for Nadine page on facebook. can you help me. This is urgent.