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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nari Jibon 4th blog workshop - August, 2008

Yesterday, 29th august 08 was the 4th blog workshop of Nari Jibon project. David Sasaki, Director of Rising Voices was conducted this workshop. There are 15 bloggers and 4 staffs were present in this workshop. The motto of this workshop to increase student’s knowledge as well as to make them more advanced in blogging.

In this workshop, David Sasaki discussed and gives different tips & examples that how to use web link and technorati.com. He also showed the bloggers/students how to use it. He discussed about different search engines and shown them how to make link using html code. Through his discussions and showing examples on weblink & technorati.com to the students/bloggers, they are now well known & more effective about the web link. Now they can use it in their own blog.

Some pictures of this workshop:

David Sasaki discussing on web link and Technorati.com.

David Sasaki showing the bloggers how to make link in their post.

Video of this workshop:

Really, it was a great workshop for Nari Jibon. We are very pleased to meet with him in a person and earnestly thankful to him.


Unknown said...

The workshops with David are very very charming.

Greetings from Colombia


Espacio Público said...

Wow, this session must have been fantastic... Miss you all!

Taslima Akter said...

Hi Kira,

Yes you are right.

We miss you too...