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Saturday, August 30, 2008


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Sonargaon is one of the most historical place and oldest capitals of Bangladesh. “The city of Panam” is another name of Sonargaon. Among the ancient monuments still intact, are the tomb of Sultan Ghiasuddin (1399 - 1409 A.D.), the shrines of Panjpirs and Shah Abdul Alla and a beautiful mosque in Goaldi village. A Folk Art and Crafts Museum has also been established in Sonargaon. It situated in Narayongoan district on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway about 29km away from Dhaka.

I have visited Songargaon two times in my life. First I visited some places of sonargaon and sonargaon museum when I was a school going student. Just I can only remember that I saw some statues in sonargaon museum and that time I can’t clearly understand what that was. In my university life I again visited this place in second time with some of my friends. Than I could understand the worth of Sonargaon museum. This time I not only see the statues in this museum, but again & again I tried to find-out more of our cultural wealth’s of Bangladesh on those statues and other archeological things. Really I enjoyed this time very much.

Picture has taken from outside of the sonargaon museum.

This is one of statues picture inside of sonargaon museum
where Chakma people with their dress and some materials.

This is another Statue of Chakma people, where they are working on paddy field.

In this picture one statues woman working with her
rice making machine and this is vas system to get rice from paddy.

I love to read books and I passed sometimes in the library of sonargaon museum area. In the area of sonargaon museum, there are some small stalls with handicraft where found various ornaments & shari for women and other household materials for commercial sells.

Lucrative showcase items for sell in Sonargaon museum area stall.

Soil made ornaments are displaying here for sell.

Dolls & others ornaments made by soil are display here for showcase use in home.

An art on the outside of museum building of Sonargaon from our village cultures of industry.

Front side of Sonargaon museum.

A great Statues of Zainul Abedin, the great artist of Bangladesh
selected Sonargaon to establish Folk Arts and Crafts Museum.

Many visitors from home and abroad come to visit this historical place for enjoy & to knowing about cultures of Bangladesh.


Pretty's Archive said...

It is a very nice place pictures and also very nice soil's doll and showpieces picture. There have a doll it is very nice doll. The doll woman working like a people .so I like it very much .

Taslima Akter said...

Hi Pretty,

Thanks for your beautiful comment.

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Samia said...

This article is presented everything in detail is very beautifully.Thanks for sharing with us.
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