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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is the biggest celebration of your community each year?

Aklima Akter Akhy
ID: 866
English Section

The biggest celebrations of our community are: Pohela Baishakh, Ei-dulfetor, Ei-dul Azha, Victory day, Independence Day etc. I like Pohela Baishakh. Pohela Baishakh is the first day of Boishakh month [1st month Bengali year]. It is a part and parcel of our culture and we observe this day with great festivity. Baishakhi Fairs are held in the different parts of the country. People of all classes go to the fair. The most comprehensive fair is held at the Ramna Batomul in every year. People wear colorful dresses representing Bengali trends and exchange gifts. Businessmen open new books of account on this day which is known as Halkhata. I go to Baishakhi Fair in every year at Ramna Batomul. I feel very much pleasure on this day. So Pohela Baisakh is the biggest celebration of our community to me.

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